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My dear old Mom will not let anyone buy her flowers. She is saying she cannot stand to observe them die.

Whether you have a belief in the divine creator or the Big Bang idea, there's something worth saying for whoever ( or whatever ) made flowers. We chat about kids 'blossoming', the 'rosy red glow' of a pregnant girl or 'happy as a rosebud in June'. At the end of its temporary but electrifying life, most flowers return to the ground from whence they came, in the same way as we humans do. Well, many of us. And flowers have a special language all of their own. Naturally, the huge one is roses, the standard symbol of love.

Flowers As A Metaphor For Life

But do not be tricked into assuming some flowers from your other half is an indication of his perpetual emotion. In the opinion of the Victorians, who first allotted a special language to flowers, giving Candytuft means indifference, and Cyclamen represents goodbye, while the poor old orange Lily means detest and disappointment. Pity the poor fellow who presents a prettily wrapped spray of flowers to his lady-love. The fancy language of love he's making an attempt to send may need translation!

Dowds Flower Shop loves flowers, and every aspect of them. We've also found that Flowers Gold Coast feel the same. Join our passion with this beauty of nature, and fill the heart of someone special with joy.


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